My Story

I always knew I wanted to be a fashion designer and spent endless days dreaming of starting my own label. This dream has slowly evolved into the reality you see before you. 

Fashion is a fantastic vehicle of self-expression. My love of fashion is fuelled by ‘the dream’ - to create beautiful garments that fill the void of what women really want. Whilst I am always proud of the end result, it is the process that truly excites me. 

Fashion starts as an idea, and then it is a process to see the idea come to fruition in a garment. From design, to selection of colours, fabrics, textures and construction techniques it is a wonderful journey to create an individualised So Stella piece that will be cherished for many years by its owner.


So Stella is an ethically accredited boutique label based in Orange, New South Wales, Australia. 

So Stella garments are a lot like nature. So beautiful to see and touch but so intricate in design. The label specialises in hand designing and crafting pieces that contribute to a multi-functional and multi-seasonal wardrobe. 

Nature has provided the fashion world with so many incredible fibres – cotton, silk, cashmere and wool, which are used in different collaborations to allow the high quality and timeless So Stella pieces to be worn across seasons. 

Just like no two days are alike and each seasons is so beautifully different, great fashion pieces have the power to be striking, comfortable and sustainably enduring. With strategic layering one So Stella garment can be sleek in summer, chic in autumn, cosy in winter and effortlessly stylish in spring.  

Each piece is made with purpose and love to be worn with both purpose and love. Every detail of what fabrics are to be used, how it is to be patterned, toiled and handsewn, who is going to be wearing it and where is will be worn to, is taken into consideration  in the creation process. 

So Stella reaches beyond the superficial epidermis of fashion. Its  principal belief is not just about ‘how do I look?’, it is about ‘how do I feel?’       


So Stella has turned back the clock on fashion to offer women the priceless experience of visiting the So Stella studio, a modern atelier located in Orange, to have something special tailor-made just for them.

So Stella understands there is nothing worse than spending a substantial amount of money on a piece of clothing from a large brand label, only to see someone else wearing it as you walk down the street or into a special event. 

Motivated to fill the gapping gaps of the mass-produced cookie-cutting approach to contemporary fashion, So Stella offers a specialised tailor-made service. 

The female form is an exquisite masterpiece. It’s beauty rests, however, in its diversity, which the fashion industry does not always embrace. So Stella has heard the laments of women of all ages not being able to find stylish pieces of clothing that actually fit them.

Rather than ignore the cries of women who feel it is their curse to have legs that are too long, or too short, busts that are too big or too small, hips that are too wide or too narrow, arms and knees that prefer to be covered or revealed, and continue to create standardised garments, So Stella has turned the game on its head by offering a made-to-order service. This service allows you to customise a So Stella design and have it specifically handcrafted to suit your individual needs

Email today to book your appointment. Once you experience the So Stella studio your entire relationship with fashion will change forever.    


I’m passionate about ethical and sustainable manufacturing and the fair treatment of others. My label 'So Stella' was born from a desire to create a fashion label with a conscience. 

So Stella is not just about making clothes, upon clothes, upon clothes that are destined to land on a sale rack and then spend the majority of their lifespan in a dark corner of a cupboard or contribute to the ever growing landfill issue but to focus on the needs of my clients by producing exclusive capsule collections that can be made to order.   

It has been through my experiences in the fashion industry that have made me want to design and produce a label that represents a new era in the fashion industry, where there is more of a focus on how garments are made. 

‘So Stella’ has been accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia since April 2012. Ethical Clothing Australia has been set up to assist the local textile, clothing and footwear industry to ensure Australian workers receive fair wages and decent conditions. They provide ethical brands and manufacturers with a way to help ensure legal obligations and standards are met throughout the supply chain. 

I'm extremely proud to be able to attach the Ethical Clothing Australian swing tag to my garments and to support this fantastic organisation.